Edan Acclarix AX7诊断超声波机器

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The Edan Acclarix AX7 Compact Ultrasound System delivers a powerhouse combination of features to meet the demands of point-of-care and general imaging applications.

其时尚的占用脚印包含一个功能齐全的诊断超声平台,具有先进的成像模式,双触摸屏,手势控制用户界面以及一整套的下一代传感器,支持各种应用,包括腹部,ob / gyn,msk,血管,心脏,神经,儿科和小部分。

Features and Benefits

  • Acclarix AX7 - 新一代超声波平台
  • 硅谷创新和设计专业知识
  • 128 channels on transmit and receive
  • Exceptional computing power resulting in outstanding image processing

Distinctive Design with Intrinsic Quality

  • 15“HD LCD监控器用专门设计的玻璃加固,可提高耐用性
  • 倾斜和旋转显示器,60“左/右旋旋转
  • 10″ touch-screen with gesture-control user interface
  • An additional 5″ touch screen houses a virtual trackball
  • A fully-sealed control panel, with frequently used hard keys, aids in maintaining infection control
  • Touch-sensor for rapid battery level check in two locations
  • A removable lithium-ion battery provides approximately 75 minutes of typical exam use

Innovative Imaging Technologies

  • Tissue adaptive B-mode imaging
  • 自适应多普勒成像
  • 谐波成像
  • Speckle reduction imaging
  • 空间复合成像
  • 全景成像
  • 针可视化


  • 虚拟TGC调整
  • 用户定义的预设菜单
  • Gesture control user interface
  • 细节/一般/穿透和高流量/介质
  • Flow/Low Flow quick-sets
  • 连接:DICOM,4 USB端口(2 2.0 / 2 3.0),
  • 以太网,耳机插座,视频输出,PDF,AVI和BMP文件导出,麦克风输入
  • Standard 500 GB hard disk

Probe Compatibility

  • C5-2XQ
  • C5-2Q.
  • L17-7SQ
  • L17-7HQ.
  • L12-5Q
  • MC8-4Q.
  • L10-4Q
  • MC9-3TQ
  • P5-1Q
  • P7-3Q
  • P5-1XQ
  • E8-4Q.
  • C5-2MQ

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